Our chef’s dinners fill up quickly!  Contact us for reservations or to be added to our mailing list for notification of upcoming dinners:

Dinners begin at 6PM with Cocktails and hors doevres on the roof – if weather permits.  We seat for dinner at 6:45.  

All Dinners cost 750 pesos per person, including a cocktail but not including gratuity.  We encourage you to BYOB Wine or Beer to have during dinner.  Please call us at 415-152-7014 or email us for reservations.  We now accept Credit cards, as well as cash.  

Thursday March 5:  A Picnic in Sicily

Cocktails on the Roof with Saffron Arancini and Caponata with Bruschetta

1st course:  Warm Salad of peas, fava beans and artichokes with olive oil, lemon and mint

2nd course:  Pasta al Pesto Trapanese

3rd course:  Gamberi(Shrimp) grilled with lemon, olive oil, capers and garlic

Dessert:  Sicilian Cassatta with orange, pistachio and chocolate

Thursday March 19th:  A Night in Istanbul

Cocktails on the Roof with Turkish Mezze and Flatbreads

1st course:  Manti:  tiny lamb stuffed ravioli with yogurt, caramelized tomato sauce and brown butter

2nd course:  Imam Bayildi(roasted stuffed eggplant); Tavuk Sheesh(marinated chicken kebabs) and Ala Pilav(pilaf of rice, lentils and bulghur wheat)

Dessert:  kataify with cheese and spiced syrup