The Tuesday Market

photo 1 mkt 2015Everyone goes to the Tuesday Market. Locals, expats, visitors. Housemaids, chefs, restaurant and bodega owners. Farmers, of course, who go to sell their produce, eggs, chickens. Entrepreneurs with stands of nuts and candies, CD’s, clothing(literally Tons of clothing), small kitchen equipment, hand made cheeses, chorizo, fish trucked in from the west coast, honey, agua frescas, everything you could ever want that is made from Coconuts…..

You can buy, and most people do buy, a week’s worth of fruits and vegetables at the Tuesday Market(also called the Tianguis) and not spend more than 200 pesos(about $12.50). Farm fresh eggs at $1.25/kilo – about 17 large eggs. A kilo of avocados for the same $1.25, that’s 4-5 really large, gorgeous creamy avocados. photo 4 mkt 2015

There are dozens of types of chiles – dried red ones like Anchos, Guahillos, Pasilla Negro, fresh green and red ones like Poblanos, Jalapenos, Serranos and those vicious little Habaneros.

photo 3

The real reason we can’t wait to hit the Tianguis though is the multitude of stands selling fabulous things to eat, right there. Like the platters of fried shrimp and whole fried Sea bass that Richard and Noah are chomping down on. And tacos made from the strings of red and green chorizo hanging from the stand – the best chorizo in San Miguel by 2 mkt 2015

My favorite part of a Tianguis day – getting it all home, washing the fruit and produce and laying it out, so I can greedily devour the shapes and colors, before cutting, cooking, eating and greedily devouring the amazing flavors of our Mexican home!photo 5